If you want to save it, give us a good reason.


8 thoughts on “If you want to save it, give us a good reason.

      1. It is not us as indego children and adult indegos that are against humanity it is our governments around the world and presidents who lie to all of you alien beings, we as the people living in their society want nothing but peace but they are the one’s creating these wars with other Countries and they keep trying to stop most of you Alien beings from outer space. But we as the people accept you if you help us and we see this we will help you in return. You see we are not all evil there are those that are though and it is the people in the white house and governments and world leaders and presidents who are evil and they want to control this world, but people like me are working hard to try and stop them, I am an indego adult which means I was born with spirits gifts in a few ways just like many out there, and really if you should destroy anything it should be these corrupt people and destroy these medias for brainwashing people because they are told to because they are controlled, and look I understand that some of you are upset just as we are and I know of some of you alien beings and I respect you like many like me do, but those corrupt people do not respect you and they keep making space weapons to try and stop you. But we can help you if you help us together we can take the corrupt people down let us work together as one we can help one another but how do you know we are not on the same side if you don’t give us average people and indego people a chance?? Let us unite to take them on and only destroy the evil ones, I know you may want to destroy all of earth but give us a chance to work with you help us and we will help you, I represent a worldwide family and organization called Anonymous and we are so big just like most of you alien beings so we could and can help one another but that is your choices to believe or not, but we can help each other for the sake of humanity so please instead of destroying all of humanity including those who are helplee please help us and in return we help you.

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  1. Aliens come to earth to destroy us….but if when they arrive they fall in love with human race, they destroy us anyway?

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  2. Because We Love You . . . And because I Love someOne Here on this Blue little Home Planet and would Love nothing more then but to Create Life with Him . . . So, you See, we cannot Do that, because as He mentioned, the power hungry evils have taken our Natural rights of Love and Live in Peace, Respect, Happiness, Harmony for All, aways from us . . . Thank you for your Time, and Thank you for Reading this


  3. Fuck you aliens 👽 I know that’s the grey aliens even if we keep are promises you will not show us mercy guys don’t trust themtrust me if theirs a god he will save us if it were to happen remember that!!!!


  4. Greetings.
    Well, I stand with all the above written, my initial … And would like to add, that yes the good aliens, more than welcome and lets, and the bad aliens you better stay away from any of us, becasue we bite too …


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